Success Stories

SME entrepreneur breaks foreign monopoly

06 December 2015
Competing with imported products by multi-national companies or otherwise is a huge challenge for SME sector entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka.

Capturing wider share of global market - her goal

06 December 2015
In Sri Lanka although women contribute more than men to the national GDP their participation is much less in many other areas including business and politics. Some women who do well in business are not exposed.

Failures are the pillars of success - MD

06 December 2015
Failures can become the pillars of success when they correctly identify where and what went wrong and take measures to correct it. But if they get discouraged and give up everything there wont’ be any progress.

SLCSMI President helps company recover debt

04 February 2012
Sri Lanka Chamber of Small and Medium Industries (SLCSMI) President Aloy Jayawardene's mediation enabled Alucop Cables PLC to recover a major debt in Australia.
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