The last 50 years have seen the Small Industries Association growing from strength to strength, from phase to phase, determined, and not wavering in its stated purpose. The names of its members who have passed into the halls of fame are numerous.  And many are the Industries, which began as truly small, Small Industries, which have now reached the zenith of corporate success. We owe all this to the dedication and strength of purpose with which the Association sponsored our cause.

We are no longer an Association, but a Chamber with the power and capacity to call the shots, standing shoulder to shoulder with the nation’s leaders of Industry.

It was in the year 1963 on April 6th, when our Inaugural meeting was held at the Dawasa Newspaper office, under the patronage of Mr. D. B. Dhanapala, Chief Editor of the Dawasa Group of Newspapers. We were then known as the All Ceylon Small Industries Association and Mr. Albert Edirisinghe was elected as the Charter President.

At the Annual General Meeting held in June 1974, a motion moved by the then President Mr. Aloy Jayawardena, the Chamber was renamed as the Sri Lanka Chamber of Small Industry.



Sri Lanka Chamber of Small Industry was established on April 6th 1963 to promote the small industrialists by group of Sri Lankan entrepreneurs.



An independent, non-profit and non-political voluntary body set up under Act of Parliament under Act No.43 in 1981.


It offers on service for effective development of the small & medium industrial sectors.

  • Industry promotion
  • Industry Development
  • Small
  • Participation in trade fairs, exhibitions, buyer-seller meets, specialised  conferences etc. & medium industrial forum
  • Provide information to members for getting better access to capital, Infrastructure and market Identifies investment opportunities for Small & Medium Scale Industrialists.
  • Sponsors delegations
  • Organisers seminars, workshops and training programs for giving the membership wider exposure to available facilities and developing their entrepreneurial capabilities.
  • Lobbies for SMI’s in the Press, Parliament, Provincial Councils and other fora.
  • Advocates effectively for securing SMI’s rightful place in the economy.
  • Promotes support and develop the service of Management including industrial, welfare work, staff management and employment activities.
  • Promotes and foster the small and medium industrial developing sector by the provision of statistical information in the sale purchase or shipment of produce and manufactured products.
  • Functions as a Sub Contracting Exchange. 


1. Referral for 

 - Business training

 - Project evaluation

 - Credit information

 - Legal consultancy

 - Product evaluation 

2. Services from Small & Medium Enterprise Developers (SMED)

 - Consultancy Services

 - Personnel Administration

 - Feasibility Studies

 - Entrepreneur Development

3. Sub-Contracting

4. Workshops & Seminars

5. Training opportunities, local and foreign

6. Sponsorship for Local Seminars/Workshops

7. News letter

8. Reference Library

9. Exhibitions & Trade Fairs

10. Act as focal point for private sector development PPSD of the Colombo Plan Secretariat (CPS)


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